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Problems accessing resources?online

We have designed the site to hopefully work simply and easily to allow you to print and save the life skills worksheets . However sometimes because of the set-up on local machines and networks there can be difficulties in downloading the worksheets. The following three steps are designed to help you overcome these difficulties

1). Do you have adobe reader?

The worksheet resources are in pdf format. They require Adobe Reader (free) on your machine to open and print them.

Download adobe reader for free now


2). Give it time.

After clicking a download link please recognise that some of the files are large and need time to download (1.5-6MB in size) . Please avoid repeatedly clicking the link. ON slower connections several minutes or more may be required.

3). Talk to your IT department.

Some IT departments actively block users from being able to open pdf files. This is because although pdf files are a universal way of providing access to resources and work across Apple and Windows devices, sometimes the ability to open them is blocked as a security policy because occasionally spammers “infect “ pdf files with viruses and malware. If this is the case the only solutions are:

a). Speak to your local IT department. You specifically need to give the address of the website ( www.) and to ask them to add the site to the “white list”. It is worth saying you want permission to be able to open, view and save pdf files from the site. If you give a reason (i.e. it is for client support), all IT departments are likely to be happy to approve the site and allow access.

b). If (a) proves difficult or causes delays, we recommend you use a computer outside the work network e.g. a home computer.

c). A final solution is to go the low tech route and ask your NES trainer or other colleague for a printed copy of the worksheets which you can then photocopy and pass to your clients.

Be assured however that clients/patients themselves are not likely to have problems accessing the resources if they use any normally specced computer at home.

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