24 Hours To Get A Job That Fires You Up

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The less we do, the worse we feel. The worse we feel, the less we do.

Being out of work is bad for people, their families and friends. It saps energy, grinds people down, causes frustrations and damages self-confidence.

The longer out of work, the harder it is ever work again. This book provides solutions – and gives fresh hope. Based on the evidence-based cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) approach, and written in the same style as the other little CBT life skills books, “24 hours to get a job that fires you up” provides an empowering, practical and easy to implement course that aims to help readers not only get any job- but to work towards getting one that enthuses them too.

1. So what do you like?
2. So what have you got?
3. So what are you like?
4. Getting on target
5 How to make a plan that works
6. Using your plan to make changes
7. Change doesnt just happen
8. How to look good on paper
9. Keep on posting
10. Well done you have an interview
11. Smell the difference
12. Show us the money
13. Have a great first 5 minutes
14. Learn from the politicians
15. Giving great answers
16. Stop digging
17. Translating interview speak
18. The art of Jiu Jitsu
19. Make a great exit
20. When the going gets tough
21. When you feel a little bruised
22. Become a great builder
23. Who is on your team?
24. Use our linked online resources

One of the growing range of little CBT books (with over 700,000 books in print across the series), this little book is attractive, practical and to the point.

Published by Five Areas (2013) ISBN 978-1-906564-95-7

64 pages and 21 Colour illustrations.

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