7 Sheets of Paper (Set of Worksheets)


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Change your Life with 7 Sheets of Paper (set of worksheets, 7 sheets when printed out double sided!)

Resource Information

Designed to accompany the Living Life to the Full little books or for use in the LLTTF classes. Using an attractive and easy to use design and content we believe this represents a step forward in helping make Cognitive Behaviour Therapy accessible to all.
Contains  worksheets used in the LLTTF course

Contents (Colour worksheets to download as a pdf file)

The Cards Life Deals You

Vicious Cycle

My bad thoughts

Bad thought spotter

The Amazing Bad Thought Busting Programme

Low Confidence/rules sheet

The things you do that mess you up


The things you do that help

My Happy List

Planner Sheet

Review Sheet

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What is it?
This worksheet aims to provide access to the proven cognitive behaviour therapy model by using an accessible style and content.

Who has developed it?
Dr Chris Williams – a specialist in cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) and a past-President of the British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies (www.babcp.com). CBT is an evidence based form of psychotherapy which is particularly useful for those with anxiety and depression.

How do I use it?
You can use the resources in your own life. Many health care practitioners also see them as useful clinical resources for use with clients. They can be used under alongside one to one, group or telephone/post based cognitive behaviour therapy.

Can it be freely copied?
The downloadable resources are subject to copyright. Permission is given for the person who registered and downloaded them from https://llttf.com/  to print them on to paper for use in their own life, in their own teaching, or in their own personal professional practice.

Please note: Electronic file copies of the resource should not be copied or passed to others in electronic format. By ordering this free download you agree to abide by this condition.

Viewing the worksheets
The worksheets are in adobe acrobat pdf format. To view or print them you need the free adobe reader programme – available from http://get.adobe.com/uk/reader/

Printing the worksheets
Please note that the handouts include both portrait and landscape sizes. To make sure the sheets fit the paper correctly when printing please choose the Autorotate and Center option (File/Print).

Are there any other resources like this?
The handouts are each linked to specific books in the Living Life to the Full booklet series. A free website https://llttf.com/  helps support people using this approach. Other LLTTF resources are available from https://llttf.com/resources/

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