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Living Life to the Full for Adults –  Code to allow Access for 1 person to Living Life to the Full Slow Down and Be Online Resource 1 year access code


Here you can purchase a code to allow access for 1 person to have online access to the Slow Down and Be Course for 1 year (please purchase each code separately if multiple codes are required).

Mindfulness is an evidence-based approach to prevent recurrent depression, and also has a growing evidence base for it’s usefulness in helping people with anxiety or struggling with physical health problems.

The course covers the following topics:


•             Does your life seem on fast forward? –just going through the motions day by day.

•             Living life to the full? Or living life too fast? Are you rushing through every day.

•             The origins of mindfulness – an approach to life.

•             Understanding how your mind works – change your thinking- change your brain.

•             Being aware of your thoughts.

•             What you are going to learn – and how you will know it helps.

Mindfulness practice (12 skills)

a). Pay attention:

•             Skill 1: Ground yourself

•             Skill 2: Focus on your breathing

•             Skill 3: Focus on your body

b). Slow down your life

•             Skill 4: Mindful eating

•             Skill 5: Mindful listening

•             Skill 6: Mindful walking

c). Practice being kind

•             Skill 7: … to yourself

•             Skill 8: … to Others (showing kindness to all)

•             Skill 9: … By saying thank you

d). Three other important things

•             Ask yourself what builds you up, and what pulls you down.

•             Look at the world around you with fresh eyes

•             Turn towards your difficulties: choose to do things that expand your life.

What are the objectives of the resource and what does it set out to achieve?

Traditional mindfulness approaches (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy for Depression, (MBCT) are delivered in classes over 8 weeks, and place high demands on attendees (e.g. asked to practice every single day). This can result in over 100 hours of attendance and practice over a course. Research in the States has confirmed that those attending mindfulness classes utilise only a small section of the skills taught after a course. These could be taught more simply in a shorter less demanding way. This, together with the practical difficulties of finding an accessible, NHS-delivered class without a significant waiting list has led to calls to create a low intensity form of mindfulness delivered in other ways. Slow down and Be is a low-cost  low intensity (shortened and focused) mindfulness course, and links with free online audio mindfulness resources at  and also the popular website.

The objectives are:

  • To provide a meaningful description of mindfulness and how it works that makes sense to the reader.
  • To identify and teach key mindfulness skills in an efficient and fun manner.
  • Using bite sized skills that encourage practice of the elements the reader finds helpful.
  • To include a before/after self-test using smiley faces to work out which elements help.
  • Empowering and encouraging
  • Key aims are to Improve low mood and depression and reduce anxiety and stress- and face avoided activities
  • Providing free linked audio and worksheet resources (

Using a user friendly accessible and hopeful language characteristic of the popular Living Life to the Full approach look and feel.

Written by experts in mindfulness (Stephanie and Alistair Wilson), and CBT- Professor Chris Williams- Emeritus Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Glasgow and Director of Five Areas Ltd.

Who is it for?

Individual and Commercial users – If commercial you must add your company name when requested at the checkout.

(If you are an non-commercial team then get in touch with us to discuss in more detail).

How to access the resource

Once purchased you will be emailed a code to allow 1 person to create an account and register for the course and access the resources.

The codes will be valid for 12 months and the account created using the code1 will expire 12 months after activation (a new code can be added on the dashboard to renew access to the site).

*If you are a customer from outside the UK or a business customer then please contact us to discuss options.*


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