Living Life to the Full – Course Pack (9 books)

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The Living life to the full resources pack has been put together to support the free online course at

The pack contains –

9 CBT books:

  • How To Start Living Life To The Full (Write all over your bathroom mirror) 5th ed

  • Understanding Your Feelings (Why do I feel so bad?) 4th ed
  • Doing Things That Make You Feel Better (I can’t be bothered doing anything) 4th ed
  • Looking At Things Differently (Why does everything always go wrong) 4th ed
  • Building Inner Confidence (I’m not good enough) 4th ed
  • How To Fix Almost Everything in 4 Easy Steps (A guide to practical problem solving) 4th ed
  • The Things You Do That Help And The Things You Do That Don’t (The things you do that mess you up)
  • 1, 2, 3 Breathe ( Are you strong enough to keep your temper) 4th ed
  • 10 Things You Can Do To Feel Happier Straight Away (For when you want some practical things to make a difference now) 4th ed

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