Living Life to the Full for Young People (LLTTF- YP) Class & Online Combined Licence (non-commercial) for Teams/Schools

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LLTTF For Young People Class & Online (12 month non-commercial licence)

Available for use in all staff, pupils and parents attending a specific school, or attending an CAMHS or CYP-IAPT team.

The course has been adapted from feedback gathered in school focus groups. Key features include:

1). Teacher/practitioner/supporter training/teaching resources for use in classrooms

CD Rom for teachers/supporters to run an 8 session course in classroom settings
Addresses the concerns of young people of secondary school age
A printed book to accompany the course can be purchased as an additional resource (find out more here)

Content and support scripts highlight life worries and challenges relevant to teenagers and other young people.
Artwork updated to suit this age group.
PDF slides to run the course with all resources you need in PDF format, including worksheets to highlight learning from the sessions.
Includes speaker notes to help throughout every stage of the course.

2). Online access for up to 300 user logins for young people to access similar content designed for personal use

from a single school/team to access the course online with an option for teachers and supporters to present the audio courses directly from the online site.
Extra online modules covering topics such as sleep and assertiveness.
Ability to download and print online worksheets.
Ability to read e-books online.

Core Course Class Session Topics:
1. Understanding your feelings
2. Doing things that make you feel better
3. Looking at things differently
4. How to fix almost everything
5. Building inner confidence
6. The things you do that mess you up
7. 1,2,3 Breathe (managing anger and irritability)
8. 10 things you can do to make you feel happier straight away

1. We advise purchase of our physical Living Life to the Full for Young People book for course leaders and attendees. Available separately and at a reduced rate when ordered in bulk.

2. The Five Areas Trainers can visit locally to train your team in the delivery of our Living Life to the Full for Young People course.

3. We run a number of Workshops around the country for Support Workers, Teachers and Practitioners in the use of our materials. View upcoming events.

4. For use commercially, please contact us to discuss a Commercial License.

5. When you make the order:
You will be contacted by our team via email to arrange the licence required for this product. Please complete the licence as instructed and then post back to us at the address given. Your course disc will then be cut and posted as well as your poster and other resources.

Please note: it can take 7-10 days from us receiving the signed licence for you to receive the course (longer if overseas). If time is of the essence please contact us and we can discuss receiving a scan of the licence as well as posting to speed the process.

To read about an example of how this resource is currently being used please click here.

Teacher Feedback on LLTTF Young People Course (LLTTF-YP)

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