Living Life to the Full (LLTTF) Course for Adults 3rd Edition (non-commercial licence)

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Purchase the LLTTF 3rd Edition licence to allow you to deliver the LLTTF classes for adults

Living life to the Full classes

  • Evidence based educational life skills classes
  • Fully updated
  • Course books available across England and Wales as part of the book prescription scheme
  • Linked booklets available in 15 languages
  • Course training resources available online – or held securely on an app on your Windows machine
  • Redesigned and updated  to suit both face to face and remote delivery (eg via zoom or MS Teams)

In just 6 enjoyable 60 to 70 minutes sessions, this popular course can help people make a difference in their lives.

With the help of linked resources and your support as a trainer / teacher at each session, participants learn how to improve how they feel when they are low or stressed, and learn skills that help them deal with problems in their lives.


  1. Understanding your feelings: want to know what makes us tick? this enjoyable interactive session will help participants understand their feelings and how to change them.
  2. Doing things that make you feel better: teaches how to plan to build pleasure / enjoyment, achievement and closeness into life and start to feel great again!
  3. Looking at things differently: unhelpful thoughts worsen how people feel and affect what they do. Teach how to stop them for good.
  4. How to fix almost everything: this amazing session reveals the Easy 4-Step Plan – which teaches how to fix problems and achieve goals and has worked for thousands of people.
  5. Building inner confidence: how come other people seem so confident? This session teaches participants how to express themselves in a confident and assertive way.
  6. The things you do that help and the things you do that don’t: this session teaches how to get back in control of eating, drinking, smoking, spending….anything!
  7. Optional revision session – the last session sums everything up and then shows participants how to keep reviewing their progress using the skills they have learned.


The course resources are made available to you online and include slides and training notes (not to be shared with participants), as well as handouts and audio relaxation resources to pass to class participants.

In order to purchase this product please purchase via the site or contact us directly and we will send you a class licence agreement to review and sign after which you will be issued with an online code allowing you and up to two colleagues based within the same local team to access the class resources.

The licence costs £200.00 + VAT per annum

For further information, click here to download an information sheet.

1. You will also need to purchase copies of the 9 LLTTF little books for course leaders and attendees – available separately and at a reduced rate when ordered in bulk. Click here to buy course bulk books.

2. Our Living Life to the Full DVD is also available to complement face to face classes, for use outwith class sessions to help attendees during or after the course. Find out more.

3. The Five Areas Trainers can visit locally to train your team in the delivery of our Living Life to the Full course. Please contact us to find out more.

4. We run a number of Workshops around the country for Support Workers and Practitioners in the use of our materials. View upcoming events.

5. Our Living Life to the Full Classes have also been adapted as an online course. Ideal for class attendees to work through during or after the course or can be used as an alternative resource to group classes. Ability for support workers to monitor their client’s online use and service branded websites. Combined class and online licenses available. Contact us to find out more.

6. For use commercially, please contact us to discuss a Commercial License.

Please note: it can take 7-10 days from us receiving the signed licence for you to receive the course access code.

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