Moving Out And Moving On (Rediscovering you after the end of your relationship), 1st Edition.

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Moving Out And Moving On (Rediscovering you after the end of your relationship), 1st Edition.

Many people find themselves facing the prospect of a relationship breakdown. Sometimes this can be welcome and necessary, but at other times things end causing upset, guilt or other reactions. Very often the decision might not be yours and it is our partner who chooses to move on.

This book is designed for anyone facing the end of a relationship. It will help you understand your reactions, and help you consider how to express how you feel clearly to family and friends. It pays particular attention to some of the most difficult areas people face such as breaking the news to children, communicating that things need to end, dealing with family members as well as covering practical issues such as housing, transport, faith issues (where relevant) and finances. Finally, it will help guide you to consider when and how you might move on.

Jointly written with a qualified relationship counsellor, and using the same award-winning style used in other books in the Living Life to the Full series, this book is designed to help at a time of high emotion and distress.

Published by Five Areas
ISBN: 978-1-906564-32-2 (52 pages)



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