Overcoming Depression and Low Mood (4th Edition)

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Overcoming Depression and low mood is a series of workbooks for use by people experiencing depression and low mood. Each workbook has been designed to offer essential jargon-free information, designed to bring about change in how the person thinks and in what they do in order to improve how they feel.

NB. The books contain a licence which allows you to copy the resources for you in your own life.

Self-Help Seal of Merit* NHS England Book Prescription scheme recommended book for depression.
* Awarded the prestigious Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Therapy self-help seal of merit
* Major clinical research trial supports the effectiveness of this book, This book is one of the few self-help books available that has been researched using the gold-standard randomised controlled study design. This found that people using the book with 3-4 short support support sessions from a support worker were far less depressed, more able to live their lives and had significantly higher well-being than those receiving usual treatment for low mood in general practice.



Understanding why you feel as you do

- Starting out ... and how to keep going if you feel stuck
- Understanding why you feel as you do

Making changes to do with people and events

- Practical problem solving
- Being assertive
- Building relationships with your family and friends
- Information for families and friends - how can you offer the best support?

Making changes to behaviours and activity levels

- Doing things that boost how you feel
- Using exercise to boost how you feel
- Helpful things you can do
- Unhelpful things you do
- Overcoming anxiety and avoidance

Making changes to negative and upsetting thinking

- Noticing and changing extreme and unhelpful thinking

Making changes to things that affect your bodily well-being

- Overcoming sleep problems
- Alcohol, drugs and you
- Understanding and using anti-depressant medication

Making changes for the future

- Planning for the future

Reviews of the 2nd edition: Masud Awal in Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapy (2008), 36:248-250 Cambridge University Press
" In summary, I do not think you would go far wrong if you considered this a first port of call when looking for a CBT self-help book on depression".

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