Overcoming Series PDF Printable Chapters for use on NHS/licensed servers

£1,800.00 including vat


For NHS Trusts and Organisations £1,500 +VAT pa for up to 500 active users

Using the same over photocopied self-help materials? Our popular and evidence based Overcoming Depression and Low Mood and Overcoming Anxiety, Worry and Panic have been split into PDF chapters which can be saved to your service’s online server for you to print directly and provide to your clients.

Advantages of using these materials

  • Immediate access to high quality resources
  • High quality print version rather than photocopies
  • No need to buy paper copies of the books
  • Evidence based model
  • Perfectly suits live clinical situations where resources can be printed in real time
  • Efficient and always available
  • No photocopying from books
  • Easy to introduce into team

PDFs are accessible only to your staff. License to print but cannot be saved or emailed, for use only by employed staff, NHS or other health care provider. Training available in how to introduce and support the use of these materials, contact training@fiveareas.com to find out more. These booklets are also available online as ebooks via our Computerised CBT platforms, contact admin@fiveareas.com to find out more.

£1,500.00 plus vat per year for NHS Organisations and Trusts for up to 500 staff. Larger organisation or with multiple teams please contact orders@fiveareas.com to discuss.

Chapters Include
Starting Out
Understanding why you feel as you do
Understanding Panic and Phobias
Understanding Worry and Stress
Understanding how we respond to illness
Doing things that boost how you feel
Facing your fears
Noticing extreme and unhelpful thinking
Changing extreme and unhelpful thinking
Helping things you can do
Unhelpful things you can do
Alcohol,drugs and you
Understanding anti-depressant medication
Overcoming sleep problems
Using exercise to boost how you feel
Practical Problem Solving
Being Assertive
Building Relationships
Information for family and friends
Planning for the future

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