Overcoming Teenage Low Mood and Depression

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Award Winning Book!

Overcoming Teenage low mood and depression provides an exciting new look and style for the five areas resources. Co-authored by Dr Nicky Dummett (Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist – and an expert in cognitive behaviour therapy – CBT – with young people), and Dr Chris Williams (developer of the five areas approach), the book brings together an exciting range of new resources aimed at younger people with depression and their families and friends.

Following the same format as the successful Overcoming Depression and Low Mood second edition and Overcoming Anxiety books, Overcoming Teenage Low Mood and Depression presents a series of self-help workbooks for use in self-assessing and managing depression in teenagers and young people.

Workbook Part 1

– Understanding why I feel as I do and Why bother changing

Workbook Part 2

– Doing things that make me feel good
– Using Exercise to boost how I feel
– Helpful things we do
– Unhelpful things we do
– Restarting things we’ve avoided
– Practical problem solving
– Noticing and changing extreme and unhelpful thinking
– Being assertive
– Building relationships
– Overcoming sleep problems
– Alcohol, drugs and me
– Understanding and using anti-depressant medication
– Planning for the future

Workbook Part 3

– Support materials for relatives and friends, great ideas for families and friends: how can i offer the best support?

Using the established Five Areas Assessment model of depression, the book provides a clear model of intervention using the proven CBT evidence-based approach. It is empowering and supportive, helping readers make changes to their lives in a planned and achievable way.

The workbooks also provide an invaluable resource for counsellors, general practitioners, nursing staff, psychiatrists, social workers and others working with young people as well as for their parents, families and friends.

Award winner:

The Society of Authors

Best new medical/healthcare book for the general reader (2008) sponsored by the Royal Society of Medicine and Society of Authors.

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ISBN: 978-1-4987-8074-2

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