Reclaim Your Life From Illness, Disability, Pain or Fatigue 2nd edition

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72 pages of hints and tips

Want to save money? Order this or other books in bulk – the best price for your order will be worked out automatically. Your life … is more important than your illness. Would you like it back? Even if you are bed-bound, depressed, chronically fatigued, or unable to see or get about, this book will help. If you’ve had a diagnosis that frightens you – that might even feel like a death sentence – or if you’re struggling after years of impaired mobility, we have a way to help you feel a bit better each day. – Cancer Disability – Chronic Pain – ME – Fatigue – Recurring illness – Unexplained symptoms – Depression – MS – Stroke – Sight impairment – Poor mobility … this book is for you. What’s New in This Edition 12 fully revised and updated targets to help people reclaim their lives. Planning change that works for you. Balancing the ‘should stuff’ with the ‘good stuff.’ Doing too much or ‘not enough.’ Improve your sleep. Is your illness on your mind too much? Identifying your ruts and routines. Getting the right information. When too much safety isn’t sensible. Check your need for investigations. Choose to walk and breath in a relaxed way. Re-connect with people. Helping your helpers to get it right Double length books contain “all you need” in one self-contained book ISBN: 978-1-906564-72-8

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