Slow Down and Be

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Mindfulness is an evidence-based approach to prevent recurrent depression, and also has a growing evidence base for it’s usefulness in helping people with anxiety or struggling with physical health problems.

The book covers the following topics:


•             Does your life seem on fast forward? –just going through the motions day by day.

•             Living life to the full? Or living life too fast? Are you rushing through every day.

•             The origins of mindfulness – an approach to life.

•             Understanding how your mind works – change your thinking- change your brain.

•             Being aware of your thoughts.

•             What you are going to learn – and how you will know it helps.


Mindfulness practice (12 skills)

a). Pay attention:

•             Skill 1: Ground yourself

•             Skill 2: Focus on your breathing

•             Skill 3: Focus on your body


b). Slow down your life

•             Skill 4: Mindful eating

•             Skill 5: Mindful listening

•             Skill 6: Mindful walking


c). Practice being kind

•             Skill 7: … to yourself

•             Skill 8: … to Others (showing kindness to all)

•             Skill 9: … By saying thank you

d). Three other important things

•             Ask yourself what builds you up, and what pulls you down.

•             Look at the world around you with fresh eyes

•             Turn towards your difficulties: choose to do things that expand your life.


Finally, Hang on – Maybe you find mindfulness tricky?

Plus free online audio resources (body scan, be kind to yourself … and more at


What are the objectives of the resource and what does it set out to achieve?

Traditional mindfulness approaches (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy for Depression, (MBCT) are delivered in classes over 8 weeks, and place high demands on attendees (e.g. asked to practice every single day). This can result in over 100 hours of attendance and practice over a course. Research in the States has confirmed that those attending mindfulness classes utilise only a small section of the skills taught after a course. These could be taught more simply in a shorter less demanding way. This, together with the practical difficulties of finding an accessible, NHS-delivered class without a significant waiting list has led to calls to create a low intensity form of mindfulness delivered in other ways. Slow down and Be is a low-cost book form of a low intensity (shortened and focused) mindfulness course, and links with free online audio mindfulness resources at the popular website.


The objectives are:

  • To provide a meaningful description of mindfulness and how it works that makes sense to the reader.
  • To identify and teach key mindfulness skills in an efficient and fun manner.
  • Using bite sized skills that encourage practice of the elements the reader finds helpful.
  • To include a before/after self-test using smiley faces to work out which elements help.
  • Empowering and encouraging
  • Key aims are to Improve low mood and depression and reduce anxiety and stress- and face avoided activities
  • Providing free linked audio and worksheet resources (

Using a user friendly accessible and hopeful language characteristic of the popular Living Life to the Full approach look and feel.

Written by experts in mindfulness (Stephanie and Alistair Wilson), and CBT- Professor Chris Williams- Emeritus Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Glasgow and Director of Five Areas Ltd.


Published by Five Areas Limited

ISBN: 978-1-906564-73-5 (68 pages)


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