SPIRIT Train the Trainers Teaching Resources (for Practitioners)

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SPIRIT Train the Trainers Teaching Resources (for Practitioners)


Designed for use by senior staff and project leads to provide all the resources they require to train their teams and other colleagues in how to teach these classes. We recommend this training resource as a follow on to an initial training session led by the LLTTF Glasgow-based team (delivered face to face or remotely). The train the trainers teaching resources provide a one day training session (can be split over two half days) covering how to establish, advertise, select attendees, and deliver the course content. We strongly recommend that attendees are encouraged to start running the classes within two weeks of attending the initial training.

Content covers:

All the slide and handout resources you need to introduce the popular Five Areas training into a clinical service. Training disc with resources teaching how to use the Five Areas resources with one to one support. Includes topics supporting the linked Big Book series books…Single Practitioner Commercial Licence for Class Delivery

* Introducing and using written and linked online CBT resources

* The Plan, Do, Review support model

* Clinical Assessment using the Five Areas Assessment

* Reduced activity, Avoidance, Building exercise

* Noticing and changing extreme and unhelpful thinking

* Practical Problem Solving, Tackling avoidance, Helpful and Unhelpful behaviours

* Assertiveness, Anger, Communication, Building Relationships, Carer Support

* Medication, Improving sleep, Healthy living

* Planning for the future

Plus: Using the Little CBT books: – How to use the little CBT books Practitioner training module

Restrictions: The base licence for this course allows delivery on six occasions in a 12 month period. It is only licenced for use in an agreed local area/team. You are not permitted to advertise training events nationally or on a commercial basis using this licence.

Who is the Resource For?
Senior staff and project leads can teach their own team, or agreed teams in a locality such as a linked health, social care or school-based staff. It teaches them how to run the classes themselves. A separate version of the course also covers how to introduce and support individuals clients in using the resources is also available.

If purchased you will be contacted by a member of the sales team to arrange access to the product – contact us for more details

Please Note

The Five Areas trainers can visit your team to provide training in the use of this approach, with options between one and three days training at £1,500.00 per day. Please contact us to discuss

We can often reduce costs by combining components of these elements together. To discuss please email us to discuss training

Visit our Evidence Base Page to find out more about the course, or read one of our Case Studies showing an example of its use.

To read our information leaflet Click Here

We also offer training workshops on a regular basis, visit our training site for details.

Practitioners will need to purchase our Overcoming Depression and Low Mood and/or Overcoming Anxiety, Stress and Panic books, and use them and their integrated worksheets to help clients become their own therapist.

We can also provide PDF’s versions of the books, which can be held on your own team Service’s server, find out more.

To read our SPIRIT information leaflet Click Here

We also offer training workshops on a regular basis, visit our training site for details.

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