Worry Box for Young People (1st edition)

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Worry Box for Young People

Worry and Panic – you’re three steps away from fixing it for good.

1st edition published by Five Areas Limited (25th September, 2018)


This book is aimed at helping young people (age 13 to 18 years) understand anxiety and worry. They learn how to break things down into manageable chunks and teaches them strategies in how to face it, fix it, then forget it.

The content is based on the popular and evidence-based cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) approach. Helps you understand your anxiety – your worry and introduces you to a great way to fix it: the 3 F’s (Face it, Fix it, Forget it).

The first F – Face it. If you fear going to a busy shop, perhaps, or meeting people, you avoid those things and lose some of the variety, fun or fulfilment in your life. This book helps you get it back.

The second F – Fix it. For people who are worrying about a particular problem – money, a relationship, your job perhaps – this book contains a fool proof way to tackle most problems.

The third F – Forget It. When things just churn round and round in your head, you’ll need this section to help you change your thinking and end the worrying thoughts.

A final section called In case of panic is designed to educate and inform people how to respond to a panic attack.


Adult mental health problems often begin in childhood, half of them are established by the age of fourteen.

This book provides easy access to the evidence based cognitive behavioural model and presents it in a user-friendly approach that can be used by young people themselves, or as part of a treatment plan of low intensity delivered by health professionals across primary/secondary and community-based staff and third sector organisations support staff.


** Looking for the version designed for adults? Search for The Worry box for Adults.

32 illustrations, 120 pages.

ISBN: 978-1-906564-69-8

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