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Has the passion has gone from your relationship? Are you feeling bored, or unappreciated? Have you fallen for someone else? Or has that situation arisen for your partner? What about children, mortgage and other practical issues?

Designed to be practical and accessible, the book uses the cognitive behaviour therapy approach to help readers take a long look at their relationship. It aims to help you decide whether to work on changing things, or to choose to get out.

Covering the full complexity of these difficult decisions, readers will be able to consider whether they want to leave just for today, or forever.

Jointly written with a qualified relationship counsellor,  this book is aimed at anyone who is struggling in their relationship.

Using the same award-winning style used in other books in the Living Life to the Full series, this book is designed to help at a time of high emotion and distress.

Published by Five Areas
ISBN: 978-1-906564-53-7 (64 pages, 29 colour illustrations)

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